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A window into the club

One thing is for sure. The Chain Gang has always has an attractive and informative website.

website 2

The task of up dating things and bringing us into 2016 has been a big challenge.

Sadly what was displayed prior to February had been caught up by and over taken by the ever-changing advancement in technology.

To keep things simple, the site had been hacked to include over 10,000 potential users and that needed addressing.

Once the bugs had been cleaned, we used what was there already and started building on a good foundation.

We went for a very up to date theme, which is clean, slick and easy to navigate. We had to do a bit of editing and up dating on some of the older content as well as adding lots of new content.

On the social media side, we kept Facebook and added Twitter and Flickr.

The new content includes things like new maps, an explanation of the new group system, photo galleries, this weeks spin, focus on a member and even a fledgling coffee stop page. This is complemented by much of the what we already had.

A site for the members

The site should reflect the club as a whole and the Chain Gang members can get involved by:

  • Sending in pictures
  • Team captain information each Thursday
  • Writing an article. About a spin, how you got into cycling, sportives etc
  • Touching base with cafes for a cycling deal to include on the coffee page
  • The monthly “The Focus is On” section

So plenty of work done to date. But, as they say. The hard work is just beginning!