• Friday , 24 June 2022

News updates

Last weekend

There was a great turnout of Chain Gang members getting out and about on the road.

There was a large contingent at Ballyfinnane doing the “Tour.” Great to see our new members out in force having a crack at both routes.

The 30’s did their own version of “tour of the lakes.” A very tough 150 km in the “inner ring of Kerry” region.

The 25’s and 22’s joined forces for 75% of their outing to Castlemaine, Castleisland and Reanagowan. A very enjoyable 70 km.

Last but not least! The mentored gang smashed through the 50 km barrier with a spin out to Listowel, Finuge and Abbeydorney.


Well the 6 weeks are up. But at the end of it we have some very strong individuals, who are a credit to the club.

The good news is that we are extending the mentoring for another 4 weeks.

The next 4 weeks will consist of

  1. A workshop involving puncture repair.
  2. A bike handling course.
  3. More road time.
  4. Plenty more advice on nutrition etc

The eventual aim is for the mentored gang to progress into the club on a Saturday at 22/25 level.

There is also the potential to keep Sundays going for those who find Saturdays a none starter.

Team captains

Looking ahead to the next weekend (9-10 April). We have openings for captains at 30, 28, 25 and 22 levels.

Forward your route and coffee stop and….job done! It’s that simple!

Thursday evenings

The rides will commence from the usual spot at Kerry CC buildings, Rathass at 6:30 pm. Note 6:30 pm!

The routes will be decided on the day.


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