• Saturday , 25 June 2022

News updates

Sunday Spins

As from Sunday 24 April the club will be rolling out 2 Sunday spins.

Both will leave the Meadowlands at 9 am each Sunday.

It’s intended that one will be at a distance of approximately 70-80 km with a shorter 45-55 km spin.


Sunday Group in Ballyduff

Joe and Paul will lead out the longer version this coming weekend around the Lacey Cup route with Dave and John heading to Castleisland via Dan Paddy Andys.

The routes are an advancement of our mentoring programme. Re-named Sunday A and B groups.

All club members are encouraged to come along and participate. They are a great chance for members who can’t cycle Saturdays or for those who would like a spin after Saturday.

The emphasis won’t be on speed. Just 2 distances that will hopefully be to everyone’s benefit.


Team captains

An excellent job done by everyone who has taken on the role since February.

The one thing that’s becoming apparent in the importance of this position.

The team captains are the glue that holds the whole structure in place. The route information prior to the weekend rides has become vital. It has been of huge benefit to our newer members and even older members. Just the knowledge of where the ride is going, the time, distance and break has put a lot of minds at ease.

As can be expected, it’s a role that needs good organisation and willing members to step up to the plate and give it a go.

The basics of the role is to call a route for a particular day and forward the information by Thursday evening.


So far we’ve tried the approach of one captain electing the following weeks captain. Not hugely successful!

Do we need to look at other ideas?

Would a captains roster work? Conducted in a similar way to how we organised the mentored and 22 spins?

Create a pool of willing participants  and assign them their big day. The roster would be on the website? I would anticipate group captains to be deemed necessary from March to late October?

Any ideas or input would be welcome.

Thursday evenings

The rides will commence from the usual spot at Kerry CC buildings, Rathass at 6:30 pm. 

The routes will be decided that evening.


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