• Sunday , 17 December 2017

22/Mentoring Roster

As from Sunday 5 March the Mentoring Programme will start again for a 6 week duration.
The whole mentoring programme wouldn’t be possible without the help and dedication of members giving their time to bring along and give valuable nuggets of information to people new to the club and to group cycling.
If you are happy to help please contact Dave or John at secretary@thechaingang.cc and we can add you to the roster list.


Day 1 of the 2016 Saddle up for Summer Mentoring Programme.

Mentoring Roster.

HelpersMarch 5March 12March 19March 26April 2April 9
Leader1DaveDaveTomás CDaveTomás CDave
Leader2Donnacha CDonnacha CPaul KerrJohn MPaul KerrJohn M
Helper 1Jerry Q.Jerry QDonal CJohn O'CarrollHazelLouis B
Helper 2John MDonal CHazelPaul KerrMenaPaul Kerr
Helper 3Thomas O'MahonyLouis BJamesLouis BJamesSiobhan C
Helper 4Paul KerrPaul KerrJenniferThomas O'MahonyJenniferCatriona Kelly

22 Group Roster.

DateCaptain 1Captain 2
Feb 18Siobhan C
Feb 25Tomás CThomas O'Mahony
March 4John M
March 11Liam Lynch
March 18Dave E
March 25Liam Lynch
April 1Mary Mc
April 8Catriona Keane
April 15Dave E
April 22Liam Lynch
April 29
May 6

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