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A new kit is born.

John Murray (Chairman) Heather (Meadowlands) and Ian(4 Site)

Back in January 2017 the idea arose to do a complete re-design of our kit.

After many, many meeting, phone calls, e-mails, re-designs, re-thinks, negotiations, fitting sessions and transactions we’ve finally arrived at what we hope will be a kit all the club can be proud of.

We shall be having a offical launch day on the 28th April. Photo’s, cycling and a get together in the evening.

John Murray (Chairman) and Ian (4 Site)

l-r: Eileen O’Shea, Dick Boyle, Karen O’Brien, Heather MacIver, Denis Maguire, Patricia O’Neill, Ian Duggan, Xavier Murray, Tom O’Shea, Dave Elton and John Murray. Thursday, April 12th.

John Murray (Chairman) and Heather (Meadowlands)


Photo's courtesy of Kerry Kennelly/Kerry's eye newspaper.