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Carrigaholt castle County Clare 2018

In fairness the weather this spring has not been the kindest and personally I feel from a cycling and fitness perspective, many people are a good few weeks behind where they’d like to be. Cycling in hale stones, rain and howling winds is not everyone’s idea of fun.

As a consequence our 22 group has been a little slower off the mark in getting organised and moving on and into the popular Saturday cycle day slot.
But thankfully summer is on it’s way!

Who are the 22 group?

For anyone scratching their heads as to what this mysterious group are? It’s quite simple enough. The club are divided into groups on Saturdays. 30, 28, 26, 24 and 22. The number matches their approximate average speed. Distance wise, the 30 group would be doing over 100 km at this time of year with the 22’s in at around 50 km. The other groups would be somewhere in between.

After mentoring (a beginners window in early spring) the 22 group would be a relaxed/ new comers group, for people with a descent fitness level and a basic understanding towards cycling in a group and a willingness and want to cycle.

Since it’s inception in 2016 the group has been responsible for introducing a fair few cyclists into the club who have gone on to cycle at a much higher level. For many getting out in the summer is enough and to meet up with friends, have a chat, a coffee and a bit of exercise is just what they want, but for those looking to kick on for a little bit extra in the sport it’s a great introduction to cycling club life.

The 22 group on their break in Ballyheigue. May 2019

A nice size group of 8 set off yesterday for a spin of just over 50 km into the by-roads of north Kerry. The terrain was mixed but nothing too demanding in the climbing stakes. The route took us along the mainly quiet country lanes of the area and through the likes of Ardfert | Lerrig | Causeway | Ballyheigue for coffee and cake | Kilmoyley | Lerrig | Tubrid | Doon and Tralee.

For many people their targets are to get into shape for a particular sportive ie. Ring of Kerry | Ring of Beara being the popular choices. For others it’s to get fitter, meet new people, socialize, new friends, push on to a higher level of cycling, learn more about the bike, discover new areas of Kerry. Also if you so wish you can use it to develop better leadership skills and geographical skills. Plenty of things then to improve anybody.

Thinking about joining or returning?

We welcome back any old members as well as new comers. Just make sure you are of a modest fitness level and have done a bit of cycling leading into this. You would need to be able to cycle 50 km at an average of 22 kmph.

If you fancy trying out, the first 2 spins are free before committing to membership. You can find out more by going to or or emailing us at

We look forward to introducing you to a great club and a great sport.