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Club Spins Explained

The Chain Gang CC runs club spins on a year round basis for it’s members. For obvious reasons there would be a larger contingent of riders out for the spring and summer as oppose to the winter events.

Where and When?

The spins are:

Every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9 am from the Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee car park.

Every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm from the Church car park adjacent to the Kerry County Council buildings at Rathass, Tralee.

Organisation of riders?

The club grades the rides into the following levels:

  • Chain Gang 30 Group
  • Chain Gang 28 Group
  • Chain Gang 26 Group
  • Chain Gang 24 Group
  • Chain Gang 22 Group
  • Chain Gang M Group

Each group are graded to suit different riders needs.

Example: Speed, distance, experience and time out on the road.

chain gang gif

Which ride and from where?

The Meadowlands car park is the assigned starting point with separate areas, where each group will meet.

Each group will be lead by a “Team Captain” who’s responsibility it is to plan the route and deal with any queries.

All of the Saturday routes will be advertised on or before the Friday prior to a group spin. These can be found on this site and our social media outlets.

Some of our routes.

Click below to view some of our mapped routes.

Some of our routes