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Leisure cycling with the Chain Gang

Looking to get into leisure cycling?
Want to cycle with a club?
Learn more about cycling?

The Chain Gang CC are organizes a set of 6 mentored cycles and this has been taking place since the start of March 2020.

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Who are the cycles for?

  •  The cycling programme is aimed at the beginner cyclist and will accommodate everyone over 16.

“No one gets left behind”, so if you are looking to get active through cycling, this is an ideal time to come out and meet a group of like-minded people.

Of course each cycle will be accompanied by a pit stop, to replenish and freshen ourselves for the spin home.

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The aim

  • To build confidence on the road
  • Create a better understanding for group cycling
  • Awareness of bike set-up and (the dreaded puncture) mechanical issues.
  • Create a higher level of fitness
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 What to expect

  • The cycles are over 6 continuous weeks from March 1st 2020.
  • The initial spin will be approximately 25 km with the distance increasing by about 5 km each week
  • Each cycle will be hosted by Fiona and Avril. They will be accompanied by one or two experienced Chain Gang members.
  • A speed of 16 to 19 kmph
  • Expect to be out initially, for 90 minutes to 2 hours.
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What do I need?

  • A reliable road or hybrid bicycle in sound mechanical shape.
  • Cycling gear…..Helmet, suitable clothing, water bottle, high visibility vest or belt
  • Lighting (overcast weather)
  • Mobile phone, sunglasses, money, gloves
  • Your enthusiasm

Caveat – you will not be expected to cycle on the right hand side of the road as per accompanying photo!!!