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The Chain Gang CC mentoring programme will get underway from 10 March 2019 and as per normal it will be over 6 sessions.

The itinerary is follows: Follow link

This year we will be organising things slightly different.

We are limiting places to 10 and anyone wanting to participate is requested to fill in the form below.

Participants can avail of the first 2 spins as a trial as per Cycling Ireland and Chain Gang policy. You will just be required to sign in before the first 2 spins.

After the first 2 spins you will be required to join Cycling Ireland and the Chain Gang as a member which covers you for membership and insurance for the year.

The closing date for applications will be Saturday March 2nd 2019.

Please complete the form

Please note that cycling is a risk sport and participants do so at their own risk. A limited number of Chain Gang members are trained in the Cycling Ireland Ride Leader Award, but we cannot guarantee everyone helping has such a qualification.