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Twice weekly the Chain Gang head out on to the roads of Kerry.

Just a few of our frequently asked questions.

When and Where?

Medowlands Hotel
Kerry County Council Buildings

What can I expect?

On Saturday’s there will be up to 4 groups departing. You can expect different distances and average speeds, depending on the group you select.

Thursday evening spins are generally shorter. You can expect to be out for 90 to 120 minutes. This depends on the time of year and conditions.

Can I come?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome!

Please bear in mind that we operate a policy of 2 gratis spins for none club members. After that you are required to become a member.

Membership includes Cycling Ireland Membership and insurance.

Is it enjoyable?

We look forward welcoming you to our club. Remember cycling is fun. Relax, enjoy yourself and see our beautiful County from a different perspective!