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Road Safety

Safety on the road and common sense tips

Cycling, like many outdoor pursuits, has inherent risks and dangers associated with it.

This arises from simple fact that the roads you use have traffic on them, that these roads might not be the best, that if you’re going downhill or working as a group (itself carrying risk with it) you can pick up serious speed and in all of this you are subject to the changing weather.

As such it is up to each cyclist:

  • to cycle within the law and importantly in the bounds of their own ability – the area between ones ability and ones intentions is where some of the worst crashes happen
  • to be competent and aware of other cyclists and other road users and
  • not place themselves or other cyclists in unnecessary danger
  • to be adequately equipped for each cycle.
    • This firstly includes ALWAYS wearing an appropriate cycling helmet – it’s always better to have it and not need it as there are NO good outcomes if you need it and don’t have it.
    • Your bike should be in good working order with properly inflated tyres.
    • Having a pump, spare tube, tyre levers and repair kit is highly recommended and possibly 10 for emergencies is suggested.
    • Always try to be kitted out for the weather on the day – this can be difficult given the nature of Irish weather but erring on the side of caution rarely go’s wrong.