• Sunday , 22 May 2022

22/Mentoring Roster

As from Sunday 5 March the Mentoring Programme will start again for a 6 week duration.
The whole mentoring programme wouldn’t be possible without the help and dedication of members giving their time to bring along and give valuable nuggets of information to people new to the club and to group cycling.
If you are happy to help please contact Dave or John at secretary@thechaingang.cc and we can add you to the roster list.


Day 1 of the 2016 Saddle up for Summer Mentoring Programme.

Mentoring Roster.

HelpersMarch 15March 22March 29April 5
LEADERTom GalvinTom GalvinTom GalvinTom Galvin
ASSISTANT 1Paul KerrPaul KerrPaul KerrPaul Kerr
ASSISTANT 2A. HewittA. HewittA. HewittA. Hewitt
ASSISTANT 3D. MurphyF.CookeF.CookeF.Cooke
ASSISTANT 5S.O'DonovanS.O'DonovanS.O'DonovanS.O'Donovan

22 Group Roster.

Saturday 2 May | TimeGroup 1 | TownGroup 2 | TownGroup 3 | CountyGroup 4 | Country | World | Turbo
6-7amDavid EltonSeamus O'MahoneyJohn Murray-LisstellickGer Hobbert-Turbo
7-8Mike DennehyKerry KennellyPaul Kerr-Kilflynn | Bernie-Banna East | Karen-BallymacDavid & Shonagh Keohane-Australia
8-9 Seamus CotterSiobhan O'MahoneyPaul Byrne Mary Byrne-BlennCatherine Doolan-Turbo
9-10Seamus O'DonovanGer O'ConnellMaura Sullivan-BlennAvril Hewitt-Turbo
10-11 Christo MurrayTomas O'MahoneyGeorge Poff-Blenn | Carmel-LeithNicola O'Mahoney - Tipp
11-12Brenda ConwayTom O'Shea | Eileen O'SheaMaurice Hanafin | Martina Hanafin-BlennAidan Hobbert-Turbo
12-13John CasaparoIna McGrathMono Ryle-BlennDeclan O'Hara-Turbo
13-14Terry CullotyAidan ScanlonFionnbar Walsh-BlennKen Keohane-Turbo
14-15Tom GalvinDonal CourtneyJulie Deane-Ballymac Triona Hamilton-Dromina
15-16Denis McGuire Jennifer CrowleyPat Keohane-Spa
16-17Jackie RuttledgeRob CareyFrances Clifford | Brian O'Sullivan-Fenit
17-18George EmersonCathal FoleyMarie Louise-Kilmoyley
18-19Anne Marie Collins | Declan MurphyNoel O'Connor | Andrea O'ConnorMaeve Horgan-Ardfert
19-20Colin ScottJohn O'CarrollLorna and Donal-Spa
20-21.00Andy ConwayTomas CrowleyBrendan O'Connor | Joanne Crowley Turbo

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