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Leisure cycling with the Chain Gang CC

“Like dogs, bicycles are social catalysts that attract a superior category of people.”

Chip Brown – Writer

Don’t miss our Saddle up for Summer Evening! Thursday 27 February | 8 pm |Meadowlands Hotel.

Are you looking to get into leisure cycling? Do you want to cycle with a club? Learn more about cycling? Then….

The Chain Gang CC are organising a set of 6 mentored cycles starting from Sunday March 1 2020.

Who are the cycles for?

  •  The cycling programme this year will be two fold:
  • A beginners group for those who are new to the sport
  • An improvers group for those people looking to ease their way back into cycling
  • All participants must be over 16
  • A moderate level of fitness would be a requirement

“No one gets left behind”, so if you are looking to get active through cycling, this is an ideal time to come out and meet a group of like-minded people.

Of course each cycle will be accompanied by a coffee stop, to replenish and freshen ourselves for the spin home.


The aim

  • To build confidence on the road
  • Create a better understanding for group cycling
  • Awareness of bike set-up and (the dreaded puncture) mechanical issues.
  • Create a higher level of fitness
  • Meet new friends
  • Achieving your cycling goals
Cycling Ireland’s guide to cycling on the road. Click on banner.

 What to expect

  • The cycles are over 6 continuous weeks from March 1st 2020.
  • The initial spin will be approximately 20 km with the distance increasing by about 5 km each week
  • Each cycle will be hosted by Fiona and Avril. They will be accompanied by various other experienced Chain Gang members.
  • A speed of 16 to 19 kmph | 20 kmph plus for the improvers group
  • Expect to be out initially, for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

 What do I need?

  • A reliable road or hybrid bicycle in sound mechanical shape.
  • Cycling gear…..Helmet, suitable clothing, water bottle, high visibility vest or belt
  • Lighting (overcast weather)
  • Mobile phone, cycling glasses, money, cycling gloves
  • Your enthusiasm

Don’t miss our Saddle up for Summer Evening! Thursday 27 February | 8 pm |Meadowlands Hotel.

 Where and when?

  • Meadowland Hotel car park
  • Sunday mornings at 9:15 am
  • Starting 1st March 2020

Caveat – you will not be expected to cycle on the right hand side of the road as per accompanying photo!!!