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With the country in a virtual lock down clubs and sports are looking for different initiatives to keep fit and keep spirits high.

General Donations


From a cycling perspective it’s all been quite alien, especially in a club sense when weekly we’d be out and about in our groups cycling 50 to 100 km in different areas of the county. Not forgetting the social coffee and a scone in our breaks.

In an attempt to try and bring us a little closer as a club (social distancing obeyed!) and do something for the local care workers, we’ve come up with an event called “Thumbs up for University Hospital Kerry ICU “

How it works

  • Starting at 6am on Saturday 2 May 2020
  • One or two clubs members will cycle individually within their 2km zone for one hour
  • When the hour is up they give the thumbs up at distance or electronically to the next person
  • The event will go from 6am to 9pm on the Saturday with similar on Sunday if we get the numbers
  • An individual can either cycle within their 2km zone or on a home trainer in the comfort of their own home
  • Each member can send in a picture of their ride for our social media
  • Everyone who participates donates €10 to the cause

Cycling Roster – Saturday

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Cycling Roster – Sunday

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