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Ten cycling questions answered by Brian Neenan.

Brian at the Jimmy Duffy Cycle

1.Year you joined the Chain Gang?

I joined in 2016

2. What was your story on joining the club?

A few of us were cycling with another group but it lacked structure and when the CG invited us to join in order to raise their profile then Seamus, Andrea and myself agreed to sign up. Seriously I emailed the Club Sec if we could come for a spin, we went to Minard in Lispole, the welcome and the craic was massive and we got hooked immediately.

3. Group or groups you ride with?

I started in the 25s, I spent a bit of time with 28s , with 26s now but who knows where I will be post lock down. 15s maybe? 

Coffee spin duty.

4. Favourite route?

Favourite route is definitely the Beaufort, Glencar, Caragh Lake Area.

5.Favourite coffee stop?

Favourite Coffee stop Sammys.

6. If this lock down finished now and you could go out solo and cycle a route. What would it be?

Lacey Cup spin.

7. What would you consider to be your biggest cycling achievement?

I always experienced a huge sense of achievement when I arrive at the top of the Conor Pass and I always swear that it is my last time to do it, and somehow I find myself up there again.

Conor Pass

8. Favourite cycling outside Ireland?

Only once ever did I cycle overseas. 2018 in Mallorca with the club and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mallorca 2018

9. Present and previous bike(s) and favourite?

I started off with a Forme, then got a Planet x RT 90. I now have Giant Advanced PRO 1. My Fav has to be The Planet X. I will keep it forever!

10. Anything on your cycling bucket list?

My bucket list is very simple. To get back with the Gang on Saturday mornings.