• Monday , 27 September 2021

Mentoring Roster 2020

The roster tables for the Chain Gang Mentoring, Leader and Assistants. March to April 2020.

Contact Fiona/ Avril or Dave by email secretary@thechaingang.cc or just tell me if you are available, for any of the below dates to lend a hand. Cheers….

Chain Gang Mentoring Captains and Assistants-March to April 2020

HelpersMarch 15March 22March 29April 5
LEADERTom GalvinTom GalvinTom GalvinTom Galvin
ASSISTANT 1Paul KerrPaul KerrPaul KerrPaul Kerr
ASSISTANT 2A. HewittA. HewittA. HewittA. Hewitt
ASSISTANT 3D. MurphyF.CookeF.CookeF.Cooke
ASSISTANT 5S.O'DonovanS.O'DonovanS.O'DonovanS.O'Donovan