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The Chain Gang is a group of like-minded people with a shared love of cycling and an appetite for road.

A good question! Up to the point sponsorship was secured, the group had no fixed name or identity. At one point, arising from Tuesday evening training sessions early in the groups life, we had ‘Tuesday’ on black T-shirts for the R.o.K cycle.

As confusing as that was on the day of the cycle; a Saturday meaning it lead to broad cyclist interest (Were we expecting to finish by Tuesday? etc, etc), it really didn’t hold up with the group M.O. in 2007.

Thus a bit of a think was had and the name The Chain Gang came about. This comes from one of the most common ways we train and can be seen when we’re out on the roads; a line of cyclists in pairs which rotate around taking turns in the front allowing everyone to benefit from a draft while increasing speed and being particularly usefull in windy weather. Here’s how it’s done

So it sounds good, is part of what we do and lends itself to a nice logo – Welcome to The Chain Gang!