• Sunday , 25 September 2022

Playing the captains roll

Last weekend saw the introduction to our new graded ride system.


The break in Ballyduff

From the outset it might seem slightly complicated, but in essence it’s easy-peasy.

The 3 groups pulling out of the Meadowlands all had different destinations in mind and the individuals put in charge of making things run smoothly, were Christo, Kerry and Dave (Myself).

The Thursday prior to the Saturday had us all deciding on a route and making contact with myself to display it to the public. Hard work done. It was a case of seeing what Saturday had in store.

My “25 group” had a nice tight 6 members to it. Our route took us North to Listowel. A coffee stop in Ballyduff and home via the flat (did I say flat!) lands of Causeway and Ardfert.


The break in Ballyduff. Aileen, Pat, Aine, Mono and Brenda

My strategy was to give a pep talk before hand. Explain the route, welcome any new members and demand a safe and thoughtful ride from the team. I’m glad to say that it went like a dream and the 6 of us had a great morning.

The fun side to being a captain!

Really the whole experience was nothing much different to what we normally do. Just better organised and more transparent. The fun side? Well as captain you get to choose the route and better still! At the break you get to choose next weeks captain!

So look after your team captain lads and lassies!


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